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CBD Vegan Gummies 500mg

Rated 4.93 out of 5 based on 30 customer ratings
4.93 based on 30 reviews

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  • 100% vegan
  • Potency of 25mg Per Gummy (20 Per Bottle) 
  • Low-carb
  • Packed with our CBD proprietary formula
  • Product is non-psychoactive 
  • Made in the USA
  • 0% THC
  • ISO 17025:2017 Certified Third Party Testing
  • Lab Results For Latest Batch Below
  • QR Code On Every Bottle
  • Giveback Campaign To House Of Grace

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CBD Gummies Lab Tested
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CBD Gummies Highest Purities
CBD Gummies Non GMO
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CBD Size And Volume

(20) 25mg CBD

CBD Gummies-amount of cod



CBD Vegan Gummies 500mg


R/O Water, Corn syrup, Sugar, Pectin, Citric acid, Sodium citrate, 500mg Hemp Extract (25mg Per Gummy), Natural Flavoring, Natural Coloring.


Take 1-2 gummies daily.


Vegan Gummies 25mg (500mg Per Bottle)

Why Buy CBD Gummies 

They are great for that on the go person that also like to have something that is vegan friendly and taste amazing! They are packed with a full 25mg of CBD per gummy and we have several reviews of them relaxing the consumers for the day! Taking these are very discreet and seem normal. Savor the taste of them you will not regret it!

 *No psychoactive effects. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product is not a dietary supplement.

Gummies VS Oil Tinctures 

When it comes to choosing between CBD Gummies or CBD Oil we must reference bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to how much of the actual CBD that your body is able to get from the vehicle of choice. Certain methods of CBD have higher bioavailability than others, which may make them a better option for you. Depending on the method some of it will be broken down before it can be used.CBD tinctures are the quickest method that allow the CBD to enter into your endocannabinoid system through your blood stream. Whereas edibles and capsules have a lower bioavailability because it is entering your body through your digestive system thus it being broken down, hence us choosing to provide you with a higher MG dosage per edible/capsule. The CBD in these methods do take longer to take effect but may result in a longer lasting effect on the relief in your body! Whichever option you choose we thank you for choosing Reliefly


Will CBD Gummies help me sleep?
CBD is most certainly gaining traction in individuals seeking a more natural lifestyle. That being said we have received a lot of feedback stating our CBD capsules help support a healthy sleep cycle.
Will CBD Gummies help with my anxiety?
Our premium CBD Capsules may help manage day to day stresses. Just as we say with all of our products at Reliefly none of our products are intended to treat or cure any disease, disorder, or ailment. Our gummies are packed with delicious flavors and premium CBD that is THC free!
Will CBD Gummies get you high?
No our Gummies contain ZERO THC
What should I expect when I take CBD

The endocannabinoid system is built up of CB1 and CB2 receptors. Everyone’s body has a different number of receptors but most individuals state they feel a mild calming sensation that comes over the body with no psychoactive effects. View our Endocannabinoid System blog for more information

What are the benefits of taking CBD Gummies?
The main benefit is the convenience of the dosage. Unlike oils the Gummies are pre-dosed with 25mg of CBD, this means you can easily grab one and walk out the door
What are CBD Gummies used for?
Again we must remind our consumers, none of our products are intended to treat or cure any disease, disorder, or ailment. CBD is most commonly used for achieving an all around support. We often receive feedback from customers who claim that CBD helps to achieve a sense of calm, focus, and quality relaxation. This response really hits our hearts because that is our main goal!
Reviews (30)

30 reviews for CBD Vegan Gummies 500mg

  1. Verified Purchase


    Relaxed is an understatement, you can certainly taste they have hemp in them but they still taste amazing. Word to the wise don’t take 2 or three when you first start.

  2. Verified Purchase

    Bernard Klandos

    I work for a lab testing company so I always test brands I purchase and every edible falls short. Not Reliefly CBD gummies, they actually tested higher than what is on their test results provided on the bottle!

  3. Verified Purchase

    Jasmine Razza

    They are strong tasting but good at the same time you can tell there is CBD in it for sure. All I can say is NIGHT NIGHT!

  4. Verified Purchase

    Rita E

    2 of the cbd gummies and I sleep all the way through the night. I personally avoid messing with my melatonin levels so I love that these give a similar effect without it!

  5. Verified Purchase

    Katrina Z

    Love the vegan aspect of the cbd gummies. Being a true wellness brand is something that stands out to me.

  6. Verified Purchase

    Kiersten A

    I love these and so do my adult kids! If I let them eat the entire container they would haha! I typically take one before I go to sleep and it helps me relax a lot after a busy day. The only change I would want is for there to be even more gummies in the container. other than that they are great!

  7. Verified Purchase

    Amber Bender

    I have been ordering these for a few months and I sleep much better because of them. As many other people have stated these aren’t your average gummy.

  8. Verified Purchase


    There isn’t anything bad to say about these things they hit hard! Also the shipping was unbelievably fast!

  9. Verified Purchase

    Peter Snell

    They are strong I wish they were more sugary but they are healthy vegan cbd gummies so I understand.

  10. Verified Purchase

    Franco B

    The CBD Gummies taste great, they are a little strong in taste but that’s certainly not a bad thing, that just means the CBD is really there in the gummies.

  11. Verified Purchase

    Rhonda B

    Two of these and I am asleep through the night one of them and I am relaxed and ready to go to bed. As a business owner I have always struggled sleeping because my mind races, I feel blessed to have found something that works and is 100% natural

  12. Verified Purchase

    Jonathan J

    Amazing product I have tried several other 10mg gummies and they never seem to do anything. These however certainly kick in and really help calm me down and even help with sleep. They do take around 20-30 minutes to kick in but wow!

  13. Verified Purchase

    Barb D

    Wow these are potent, I split it in half now unless I am having a really long day

  14. Verified Purchase


    I fought to keep my eyes open

  15. Verified Purchase

    Stephan C

    I fought so hard to keep my eyes open after 30 minutes it kicked in and I was out and for the first time in years I slept through the night. I split them in half now during the day otherwise I end up sleeping. Everyones body is different I’m sure but I’m very impressed

  16. Verified Purchase

    Jaclyn Daye

    Careful these aren’t your average gummy that’s improperly dosed its a true 25mg gummy and it shows!

  17. Verified Purchase


    Wildly impressed with the taste of these, you can barely taste the CBD on them but you certainly know it’s there 30 minutes later when it kicks in!

  18. Verified Purchase


    I’m not one to leave reviews but I received the follow up email and appreciate the level of professionalism. I will be buying the gummies again and I am excited to try the topical!

  19. Verified Purchase

    Jamie S

    The red ones are my favorite tasting ones, I really like that they are vegan and not full of all the other stuff most gummies have.

  20. Verified Purchase


    Not sure which one I like better, the oils or the gummies, they both taste great but the gummies are much more fun.

  21. Verified Purchase


    They certainly live up to the hype my co worker was talking about, helps with my stressful days at work!

  22. Verified Purchase

    Jennifer Bueyon

    These not only taste great but help me sleep. Off topic but the packaging also reminds me of a luxury brand.

  23. Verified Purchase

    Stephanie G

    All of the reviews speak for themselves just like everyone else I received great results

  24. Verified Purchase


    Yummm need I more

  25. Verified Purchase

    Jacob Clemson

    Why do they have to be so good my brother came home and took them from me after 1 day he ate two, he said he’s never felt so calm in his life

  26. Verified Purchase


    Love the taste

  27. Verified Purchase

    Wilson Hatch

    Very presentable product, I love how Convenient they are!

  28. Verified Purchase

    Becky Porter

    The box came a little smushed because of the postal service but that didn’t damage the container! Thank you for keeping us vegan people in mind when creating the gummies!

  29. Verified Purchase


    Again you guys knocked it out of the park with fantastic results

  30. Verified Purchase


    I went Vegan 2 years ago and have only found a hand full of gummies that taste good, you nailed it with these!

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